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Crown Pacific Fine Foods, the premier distributor of extraordinary food products in the United States. Curating the finest retail and food service products available.

“Quality Is Never An Accident.
It is Always The Result Of High
Intentions, Sincere Efforts, Intelligent
Direction and Skillful Execution.
It Represents The Wise Choice
Of Many Alternatives.” – Willa A. Foster

From the very beginning of our company in 1982, along
with a progressive and service oriented approach, we have
subscribed to this idea and have made it our Motto.

We have gathered the best of everything that is available,
a unique selection of fresh and cured meats, imported and
domestic cheeses, a complete dairy line and a collection of
specialty foods from around the world, which we bring to
you, our customers, whom we value dearly.

We remain, as ever, at your service.
Crown Pacific Fine Foods

Our Story

Crown Pacific was founded in 1982, by Tony Ataee, a graduate of the University of Washington, with deep roots in the food industry back in his homeland. He chose to get involved in this industry because of his love for simple but high quality foods of the world, which contemporary cuisine might considers novel or unusual.

Crown Pacific buyers spend a great deal of time traveling the world, bringing the extraordinary and rare tastes of ancient worlds and foreign lands back to the United States. By offering an ever-growing range of products, our customers can continuously obtain new flavor sensations and offer, in turn, new and unique opportunities to their customers.

As part of our efforts to bring unique and exciting products to market, Crown Pacific has helped small companies, startups and artisan producers grow their businesses by offering assistance with business plans, financial assistance and valuable advice–in addition to showcasing their abilities, talents and creations. We feel this is an important part of our mission as a leader in the specialty food business.

Our passion for great food has led us to participate in many food shows, engaging chefs and retailers and sharing with them a variety of exciting products new to the marketplace. Our continued effort to bring quality, and unique items to our customers’ attention, make us a valuable information resource for the area’s leading food connoisseurs. We are dedicated to outstanding customer service, striving to continuously provide the finest services and values in the market.

Our 80,000 sq. ft. facility is located near Seattle. We stock over 9,000 specialty foods, confections and a full line of food service deli items. We ship to our customers either via our fleet of refrigerated trucks, UPS or other common carriers.

We hope that you’ll find our site a source of interesting and valuable information, as well as a time saving and efficient method to place your orders.

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